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The Thompson Opomojas


The meeting commenced at 12:45 pm with Opening prayer by Mr Yusuf Thompson.
Minutes if meeting was read by Arc. Dapo Thompson and was adopted by Mr.Deola Thompson.

# Family Tree:
The house was reminded by the chairman that each branch is responsible to update their branches and the leader of each branch should ensure it is effected.
Islamia Thompson suggested that the hard copy of the family tree should be made available when the whole tree is drawn.

#Prayer for the deceased:
The committee for the event had a meeting on 10th August 2018. Alhaji Abdulrahman Abayomi Thompson (former chairman) read the minutes of the committee meeting to the house. The committee proposed Beleke Event hall as a venue for the annual event.
The secretary, Arc. Dapo Thompson reminded the committee that a budget of 60,000 naira has been set aside from the family account for the events. The budget was opposed by the head of the committee, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abayomi Thompson. He mentioned that the budget was small compared to what the committee was planning.
A conclusion was reached for the committee to source for more funds outside the budget from the family account.
The committee therefore strongly suggested postponing the Prayer for Thompson’s Deceased to 2nd December 2018 which was agreed by the house.

# Elders Gift.
The date for the event still remains January 2019.

The advantages for the family website was read by Arc. Dapo Thompson. The Website is at 60,000 naira. Contributions made is at 20,000 naira.

# Finance:
A monthly contribution was made and 4,500 naira was generated.

Political Matters.
Alhaji Abdulrahman Abayomi Thompson encouraged the house to join and be active in political affairs of the state and the country at large.
Honourable Kabiru Lawal also charged the house to participate in politics but should always be united with each other as a family so as to reach a greater height.

# Thompson History Project:
Alhaji Hakeem Thompson promises to complete the History of the Family by November 2018.

Motion for adjournment was moved by Alhaji Abdulrahman Abayomi Thompson and was seconded by Mr Semiu Thompson.
The meeting came to an end at 2:40 pm with a closing prayer by Honourable Kabiru Lawal.

21 members were in attendance.

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